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Small Sample of Our Routes:

Caldon CanalSmall and compact offering stair case locks, lift bridges, valleys, river, small aquaduct/via duct, steam railway and  a tunnel.

Total Locks:  60, KM: 92, Hours:  36  (A comfortable week, Plenty of time for site seeing)


Marple Takes you up to the peak district, through several flights of locks and a really long tunnel.  Total Locks: 50, KM: 154, Hours: 48 (A comfortable week)



Anderton Boat Lift One of the severn wonders of the canal system,again several lock flights and a long tunnel. Total Locks: 94, KM: 119, Hours: 47. (A comfortable week)



Four Counties ring - A real mix of styles of canal by two different engineers, from the shropshire plains to the hills in the peak district.  Total locks: 94, KM: 177, Hours: 55. (An engetic week)



Cheshire Ring  - An energetic route which takes you through the hear of Manchester and up to the peak district. Total Locks: 116, KM: 198, Hours: 60.  (A hard week, more suitable for a 10 day trip)



Black Countries Ring - A comfortable ring taking you through the heart of Birmingham and the industrial revolution. Total locks: 91, KM: 154, Hours: 54  (An engetic week)





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